Important Features of a Medical Alert System

2The importance of having a medical alert system cannot be overemphasized especially if you there are children or senior members of the family. Indeed there has been a lot of innovation and development when it comes to improving the technology, device and the system itself. However, there are still important features that need to be considered in choosing a medical alert system for your family. Surely you can find best deals here simply by browsing through trusted online sites, but it is still important to know the basic details about a medical alert system and the features you need to consider.

  1. Two-Way Voice

One of the most important features of a medical alert system is having a two-way voice system. It may be a traditional and probably one of the oldest features of a medical alert system, but it still serves its purpose. This system allows people or members of the family to speak to trained central dispatchers to gather information to easily respond to emergencies and to calm the patients during the process. Also, it allows fast and easy response in contrast to a medical alert system without a two-way voice. This is the simplest, but the most important requirement for a medical alert system.

  1. Activity Monitoring

You certainly need a medical alert system that monitors the activity of your loved ones on a daily basis. You need to know that they are moving and that they are doing something even inside the house. Otherwise, you will need to know their inactivity and have them checked on. There are several ways how to monitor a patient’s activity. Some medical alert systems are equipped with a button that needs to be pressed by the patient after a reminder is given to him. There is also a more advanced activity monitoring system that uses motion detectors and door contacts.

  1. Waterproof Wireless Button and Console Button

A lot of medical alert systems today now work with wireless technology, however not all of them are waterproof. There is a big difference between an emergency button that is “water-resistant” and “waterproof” and you certainly need the emergency button of your to be that of the latter. A waterproof button allows your loved ones to bring the same even in the shower or in the tub. You don’t have to worry for it to be soaked in water because a waterproof device will work just perfectly.