What to Expect When Wearing Braces

2There is no shortage of horror stories about getting braces. To be fair, the bad experiences with having braces generally have something to do with the discomfort associated with it. and then there are the horrifying experiences with orthodontists who are unable to do their job properly. Obviously, it pays to do extensive research before committing to an orthodontist in order to avoid botched installation of braces, leading to unsatisfactory results. However, all things considered, having braces is still the best way to straighten teeth for an attractive smile as well as correct misaligned bites. Here are some things to keep in mind to avoid bad experiences with braces.

  1. Avoid hard food.

Brackets are strongly bonded to the teeth. However, this doesn’t mean that they are unlikely to fall off. One of the things that can drastically increase the chances of brackets loosening is eating hard food. Some examples of these kinds of food include tacos, popcorn, beef jerky, and others that are really quite obvious.

  1. Braces aren’t age-specific.

Although there is some truth to the fact that children have an easier time adjusting their bone structure, this doesn’t mean that adults are no longer able to adjust theirs. There are plenty of options for orthodontics for children and adults to disprove this notion. So for older people who are hesitating about getting braces due to perceived zero results, this shouldn’t be a problem at all since orthodontics are trained to do their job well. Still, it’s worth noting that the earlier one wears braces, the faster the results are achieved.

  1. Discomfort only lasts for a couple of days.

Regardless of how uncomfortable braces are in the first few days, eventually, the slight pain and unfamiliar feeling of a foreign object will abate. It just takes some getting used to, which is typically less than a week. While there are options for braces that can be removed, it’s not recommended that much because people tend to forget things. And removing them all the time defeats the purpose of having braces in the first place.

  1. Extra effort in keeping teeth clean.

It’s not immediately obvious to some people, but having metal brackets on the teeth demand extra care and attention when cleaning. The usual brushing of teeth is no longer enough since brackets add a whole new dimension to teeth cleaning. But then again, it’s not like having braces will need an extra hour of cleaning. A couple of minutes of additional brushing don’t delay bedtime that much.