How to Manage Your Baby’s Constipation

2Constipation occurs when fecal matter becomes too hard and has a hard time passing through the anus when a person tries to eliminate waste. It could be extremely painful, and sometimes, a person who strains himself too much in the act of eliminating waste could develop hemorrhoids. At least, older people know what to do in this case. Can you imagine how it is for babies to experience constipation?


Constipation in a baby is a big issue, especially for new mothers. It is very unsettling to see babies crying most of the time due to stomach cramps caused by hard stool and a bloated tummy. It can also cause babies to strain when passing hard fecal matter, making their face turn red. Of course, you can talk to a doctor online to ask questions about this. Nevertheless, to avoid this inconvenient situation for your baby, it is best to understand how babies get constipated.


Although newborn babies should ideally latch on their moms’ breast soon after delivery, there are instances when a mom has to recuperate first. Sometimes, both mom and baby can start breastfeeding when both are stable already. Hence, a baby spends his first few hours feeding on the bottle. At this point, baby constipation issues could arise because some studies suggest that bottle-fed babies are more likely to experience lactose intolerance inherent in the baby himself.


As months pass by, the infant’s diet slowly changes with the introduction of solid food. As the digestive system shifts to absorbing solid food, it is expected that the baby would be more susceptible to constipation. In addition, too much dairy products, low fiber food, bananas, applesauce, pasta, cereals, and even potatoes have been known to cause constipation in babies, too.

Avoid giving the baby starchy food, which can also cause bloating and stomach cramps. A good suggestion is to dilute prune or apple juice with water. Let the baby drink this twice a day. Prunes are known to relieve baby constipation due to its fiber content and promote a healthy digestive system.

Baby constipation can be relieved by doing some tummy massage. This is as simple as rubbing the baby’s tummy in a circular motion. The massage can be done after giving the baby a warm bath. According to some doctors, a relaxing warm bath can ease the tummy, making waste elimination easier. If the baby has started walking, it can help to get his system moving. Exercise or some movement can enhance the excretory system of human beings.


Mothers can manage baby constipation as long as they keep track of their baby’s diet. In addition, mothers should look for more information or talk to a doctor online about baby constipation remedies so they can be updated. If constipation is persistent, you should consult with your baby’s pediatrician.